Tres Palmas

A wellspring of Charmed Living. Tres Palmas breathes a new way of living, in a place that calms your mind and enlivens your spirit! Tres Palmas is a private and serene community. The development will include three mid-rise residential buildings and a commercial arcade that will service the community. HLURB LTS # 24700.

Pinesview Cottages

We take our cue from nature and give you the kind of open space planning within the structure to maximize wind flow and light penetration. Each home distinguished by the open and unique green architecture, extends the beauty of Pinesview Cottages seamlessly inside and out.

Bolo Hills Beach Club and Residence

A community in a properly landscaped setting. Bolo Hills Beach Club and Residence gated community is a masterpiece of harmony, from its Mexican-style house design and amenities to the beautiful Bolo Beach back draft.

The Residences at Brent

Coming Home to The Residences at Brent is almost like a nostalgic trip back to what Baguio was in our childhood: the quiet charm; the unhurried pace where time seems to stand still; the cozy country home where the family could spend days together, bonded by simple joys and pleasures; and the serene sanctuary where one can contemplate and while away one’s worries.

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