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Home Ownership is now just a click away. International Real Property Exchange is a website dedicated for home buyers and sellers.

Buying / Selling a property can now be simplified through online marketing. One can acquire a Philippine property without leaving ones home, let alone ones country of residence. Buyers can be provided with complete details of the property and assist buyer with the process of the purchase and documentations as well.

Buying Philippine Real Estate Properties

Buying real estate is more than just finding a place to call home. Investing in Philippine Real Estate Properties has become increasingly popular over the past years and has become a common investment vehicle. Find a property to call  your home or invest for your future.

The first major advantage to investing in Philippine real estate is that you are purchasing an extremely expensive product. "It is the best option in protecting your hard earned money. Unlike stocks or bonds which may go down in value and are too risky, properties provide hard assets which you can use or sell or rent out. It’s a productive asset. It is the foundation of wealth, in which will generate cash flow once you invest the right way. The key factors for high returns is when you invest in a property with a good location, good quality of development and from a developer with proven track record of on time delivery and property management to ensure your property will gain high resale value and rental income upon turn over.”

Secondly, “The income you will benefit from buying a good property in the Philippines is called PROPERTY VALUE. When you invest on a project at pre-selling stage (buying the property while under construction) you have the opportunity to own the property at introductory price, affordable payment terms and more units available to choose from. The value of the property increases as the delivery date draws near. Upon completion, your P3M investment today may escalate to P5M to P6M upon delivery of the project.

Another income you will benefit from real estate properties is called RENTAL INCOME. “Rental from properties is stable source of monthly income. As unit owner, your property generates income every month approximately 1% of your present property value.

Here @ International Real Property Exchange - your Real Estate Partner for Philippine Property Investment, we can help you... IRPeX is the leading Philippine Real Estate website which takes pride on managing major properties all over the Philippines. IRPeX contains wide range of searchable location of properties from Manila to Baguio, Luzon, and Networks in the Visayas or even in Mindanao. IRPeX is a real estate website that has unique insight on Philippine properties that would be willing to help you find your dream home or investment.

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